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HRM Software (Open HR)


HR PayRoll is the best Human Resource Management System Software (HRMS) or Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS). A completely secure and fast system made by CodeCloud Technology. HR PayRoll software is modern and responsive. It is designed and developed for business, office management, and company employee management.



Dynamic Dashboard

The HR-PayRoll software will act as the definite solution to run all the HR management operations of your company. The implementation of the HRPayRoll software will initially start with pre-requisite planning based on the analysis and requirements that the software can meet in your company operations. 


Followed by the development of the platform and making it compatible and customizing it to suit your operational requirements. Moreover, the final step involves implementing the software into live operations followed by ultimate testing and checking on reliability and efficiency. We won't leave you there with the completed product rather we will train you and will be there to support you in desperate times and needs regarding the HRMS software.



The dashboard of our premium software has advanced features that you won't find anywhere else. The dashboard is equipped with features such as 

  • Staff
  • Employee
  • Payroll
  • Timesheet
  • Performance
  • Finance
  • Training
  • HR Admin Setup
  • Recruitment
  • Ticket
  • Event
  • Meeting
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Assets
  • Document
  • Email Template
  • Company Policy
  • HRM System Setup



Feature Of HR-PayRoll Software



  • User
  • Role 
  • employee Profile
  • Last Log-in


  • Employee Profile Input
  • Employee Data Upload System
  • Category-wise employee list
  • Employee bio-data/Profile

 💰 Pay-Roll

  • Set Salary
  • Pay-Slip


  • Time Sheet
  • Manage Leave
  • Attendence
  • Marked Attendecce
  • Bulk Attendence 

⚖️ Performance

  • Indicator
  • Appraisal
  • Goal Tracking


  • Account List
  • Account Balance
  • Payees
  • Payers
  • Deposit
  • Expense
  • Transfer Balance 
🛠 Training


  • Training List
  • Trainer

⚙️HR-Admin Setup

  • Award & Transfer
  • Resignation & Promotion
  • Complaints
  • Warning
  • Termination
  • Announcement
  • Trip & Holiday 

 💳 Ticket

  • Total Ticket 
  • Open Ticket
  • Hold Ticket
  • Close Ticket


  • Monthly Attendance
  • Leave
  • Account Statement
  • Payroll
  • Timesheet
  • Income Vs Expense

🎀Event & More

  • Meeting
  • Zoom Meeting
  • Assets
  • Document
  • Email Template
  • Company Policy
  • HRM System Setup
  • System Setting


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