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Human Resource Management Information System Software

Human resource management information system software is a form of Human Resources (HR) software that combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of human resources, business processes, and data. Human resources software is used by businesses to combine a number of necessary HR functions, such as storing employee data, managing payroll, recruitment, benefits administration (total rewards), time and attendance, employee performance management, and tracking competency and training records.

In the 1970s, as companies looked to automate the management of their people, payroll became the first HRMS function to be computerized. But it took mainframe technology to calculate a worker’s earnings, withholding deductions, print a paper check, and track payroll liabilities. It wouldn’t be until the early 2000s, with the widespread adoption of direct deposit and employee self-service, that the payroll process became wholly electronic.

PeopleSoft was among the first to pioneer a more complete HRMS system in the late 1980s. In addition to payroll, it offered employee record management, recruiting, time and attendance, benefits administration, compensation, compliance reporting, and other features to help HR professionals automate more of the employee lifecycle and make better workforce decisions.

The rise of the internet in the late 1990s brought the benefits of automation to even more HR processes. For example, paper-based help-wanted ads were replaced by electronic job boards, giving recruiters and candidates new ways to connect. By the 2010s, cloud technology was mainstream—now, HR teams at all-size companies could afford a suite of applications without investing in expensive computer hardware or IT staff to operate and maintain the system.

Top Ten features you need to look for in an HR management software

1. Employee Management

Employee management software helps businesses overcome inevitable challenges in employee management. These human resources software options allow HR managers to handle everyday tasks like forecasting workload, scheduling shifts, allotting schedules to employees, and managing workload to keep employees engaged and productive. Maintaining an archive of all labor-related data in a centralized database lets organizations make a comprehensive analysis and make informed decisions.

An effective Employee management system will help an organization and the HR professionals to control and supervise the employee profiles and their personal information such as employee background information, addresses, contact details, previous experience details, qualification details, skills, job-related information such as salary details, tax, and banking information, employee position, performance evaluation, disciplinary details, insurance, and loan plans and much other information. In addition, the system enables you to keep track of all the information and details for future requirements. 

2. Employee Recruitment and Hiring

Organizations place all their trust in onboarding checklists. Although checklists are useful, their high propensity for errors and time-consuming nature makes them less desirable. On the other hand, robust onboarding software has a great impact on the readiness and performance of a new hire. Undergoing a solid onboarding experience reduces the time-to-productivity of employees, improves their morale, heightens engagement, and reduces the turnover rate.

As the onboarding process differs from one company to another, a platform that is easily customizable by the HR staff will be more appropriate for your organization than packaged off-the-shelf human resources software. An efficient onboarding application like BambooHR, Kissflow HR Cloud, Zenefits, or Cake HR takes the stress off the onboarding process and makes onboarding hassle-free and memorable for both new hires and HR staff.

3. Payroll

Payroll software minimizes human intervention and associated errors by automating the process and empowering your HR staff. What previously took 3-14-day for the HR department to compute will barely remain to be a few hours of work. Automated systems improve the accuracy of critical details, store confidential payroll information securely, and perform complex calculations using pre-defined and customizable rules.

Payroll Management Software extends improved control over the payroll process, letting you configure changes without needing IT support. Businesses can keep up with statutory requirements and adapt to rising business needs quickly using these flexible applications. Solutions like Zenegy Owner, Patriot Software, Orange Payroll, and PeopleBookHR make accessing, retrieving, modifying and analyzing payroll data completely hassle-free.

4. Timesheet management & Attendance Management System

Timesheet management software records, tracks, and monitors employee performance. A good timesheet software synchronizes the number of employees in an organization with their working hours to measure productivity and determine the labor hours involved in completing a specific task. It can be used to establish a process for timesheet tracking and approval, record working hours, retrieve leave details and calculate salaries accurately.

Platforms like HRM PayRoll (Open HR), PeopleBookHR, Zenegy Owner, and Kissflow HR Cloud offer the option to integrate with third-party applications to capture and analyze the performance of an employee, a project, or even a task and export the report in any format. Organizations can use these applications to determine their scheduling and hiring needs, streamline their payroll, and make insightful decisions to optimize workload and workforce.

5. Leave management & Absence Management

Every HR management system encompasses a unique Employee Time Off management system, which will act as a complete solution for tracking and managing the absence of an organization's employees. The system will be efficacious for the administrators and the HR department to have an insight into who is present and who is absent and the reason behind the absenteeism. All types of time off, such as vacations, sick, maternity, casual, and other types of paid and unpaid time off, are tracked by the system. A proper leave management system can only facilitate you to uplift your business productivity. The module will be very efficacious for the HR professionals and they will be always informed about the count of absences. Both the employees and the management can view the leave balances and can plan their time off accordingly. The complete leave analysis of the organization will get from a single dashboard. 

Furthermore, the effective Leave Management System allows you to set up various leave types, policies, holiday lists, and many more aspects. The customizable tools and features included in the system will be suitable for any organizational policies. The cloud-based digital leave management system offers numerous features, and it will also remove the hassles associated with employee leave management. The system makes your employees ready for applying for leave from anywhere in the system and the responsible person can check it, approve or refuse from anywhere and at any time. 

Similarly, the system allows you to auto-update leave balances. The digitalized system will track the leave history of all employees and demonstrate it to both employees and responsible authorities. The HR professionals can configure customizable workflows and develop a department-wise hierarchy to confirm a streamlined process. 

In addition, a glance reporting feature will be very effective for generating accurate reports. 

Leave management is connected to the organization’s bottom line. However, prioritizing leave requests and ensuring proper availability of the workforce cannot be done with partial visibility. Leave Management software automates the process and provides transparency. These software tools offer employees a self-service option to apply, track and manage their days off. Managers and HR staff have the option to view, approve/reject, and keep track of these requests.

Leave Management Applications like HRM PayRoll (Open HR), Cake HR, Zenefits, and Kissflow HR Cloud help businesses customize their leave types, holiday lists, and workflow (route requests directly to managers) for approval/rejection. HR teams can analyze leave patterns and retrieve insights on employee performance and diligence. These applications help organizations track all types of leave requests (sick, vacation, paid), and ensure adherence to leave policy without dissatisfying employees.

6. HR Dashboard

The HR Dashboard module is the main highlight of HRMS software. With the Dashboard module, you will get a deep insight into your business with the help of more innovative analytics. It is essential to have a system with all the customizable features to fit any business conditions, needs, and requirements of the organization. The Dashboard module included in the HRMS system must be beautiful and informative. The visual parameters included in the system will be very appealing in the eyes of HR professionals. The Dashboard module will display all the vital data information from various departments in a most attractive and informative way, which will be very convenient for the users, employees, and responsible members of the company. The system offers different features with different color formats and personalization features. The Dashboard module is highly customizable. And using this module, You can create, edit and share the simple visualization to advanced charts and complex tabular cross-tab reports, and other functionalities. You can view and analyze stunning dashboards and reports at a glance. 

The HR-PayRoll software will act as the definite solution to run all the HR management operations of your company. The implementation of the HRPayRoll software will initially start with pre-requisite planning based on the analysis and requirements that the software can meet in your company operations. The HR-PayRoll software will act as the definite solution to run all the HR management operations of your company. The implementation of the HRPayRoll software will initially start with pre-requisite planning based on the analysis and requirements that the software can meet in your company operations. 

7. Seamless Integration

The highly integrative facility of the module will be very effective for smoothly and professionally deal your business. The system allows you to bring data from multiple sources. So you can build, merge, navigate and negotiate your data from multiple sources for multiple functions. The integrating facility will give you a continuation of your operations, and you can avoid data redundancy. There is no need to enter the same data in a different module. All associated data will be automatically updated in your different modules. 

8. Save Productive Time and Effort Performance management systems

The all-in-one solution for Human Resource management will help you to save more quality time and manly efforts. Using different systems for handling various services will be very awkward and challenging for your employees, and this type of system will lead you to a bundle of issues and queries from the side of your employees. This will be an utter failure, waste valuable time for everyone, and negatively affect productivity. With an integrated and systematic approach to the HR software system, you can bring it under one single roof. The employee has to manage everything in one single system with all the advanced digital tools and features. 

The right HR management system will bring everything to your fingertips. You will be able to gain more productive time on your routine tasks and operations. As a result, you will get more productive time to spend on other important areas such as researching, recruiting, future plans, and everything so that you can make your organization more competitive in the business world. 

We all know that it is not a simple task to manage daily operational responsibilities without an automated system. The customizable solutions offered by the HRMS system can help you to complete your tasks quickly and effectively. HR integration, payroll, attendance, leave management, benefits, vacation management, announcements, loan management, insurance management, recruitment, employee management, Dashboard, Calendar, resignation, reminders, employee transfers, employee overtime, employee appraisals, checklist, legal actions, service request, gratuity settlement, biometric device integrations, employee history, custody management, document management, disciplinary tracking, employee shift management, employee background verification, and other localization modules are available in an effective HRMS system. 

The well-equipped HRMS software offers customizable solutions that will be very applicable for managing your resources. Practical data analysis and reporting features provide considerable insights into many human resource requirements. 

Performance management systems play a vital role in aligning employee interests with the organization’s mission. Opting for a broader, continuous approach will list the process of goal setting, implementing, reviewing, evaluating, and revising under the umbrella called performance management. A structured, constructive approach can make employees happy, induce a sense of loyalty and give businesses a competitive edge in the market.

9. Clearly Analyzes performances

Taking on the challenge of selecting the best HR management software is a time-consuming yet fruitful process. It is critical to select an HR software solution that comes with a galaxy of flexible yet powerful human resources modules which is easy to implement and effortless to manage. In order to find the perfect software that fits your HR processes like a glove, you’ll need a crystal clear understanding of what your needs are.

The outstanding HR management solutions allow you to clearly analyze your employee and organizational performances. By analyzing the performance of the employees, you can take suitable actions for promotions and other rewards. The assessment process will be very easier and more transparent with the HR software. The various reports generated in the system will be very convenient for understanding the overall productivity ratio of the employees. So you can easily scrutinize the best employees. The digitalized system offers more transparent and unbiased reports of employee performance. 

10. Analytics and Document Management

Replacing the loyal yet lousy excel sheets and paper files with something foreign like Human Resources Management Software (HRMS Software) can seem like a huge gamble for Small businesses. Finding the right fit can induce deep-rooted anxiety. The thought of making a huge purchase for a complete package only to find glaring loopholes that make the software worthless is nothing short of distressing.

Entrepreneurs are highly becoming conscious of the hazards fluttering over organizational information. If it comes right down to corporate documents, the human resource department is affected the most. The HR data includes all the personal and financial information of the employees. So it is imperative to consider the reliability of the system. The well-efficient system ensures that only authorized people receive full access to confidential data. The HRMS system will encrypt all the relevant data without many formalities. 

In short, the digitalization of HR tasks will bring a new kind of approach, organized culture, and high productivity to an organization. Choosing a suitable HR system and implementing this to your prevailing processes can produce unexpected growth in the organization.

Our App:

HR-PayRoll software is an all-in-one HR suite that comprises all essential core HR modules, a self-service portal, tracking capabilities, rule-based workflows, and advanced reporting functionalities. Built for businesses of all sizes, the system comes with powerful modules for recruitment, onboarding, performance management, leave and attendance management, training management, and offboarding. Following the footsteps of traditional HR management, HR-PayRoll software ensures compliance with role-based access to confidential employee information.

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