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How to know the history of Google service usage?

Many people use Google Assistant services because of the opportunity to know various tasks or information through word of mouth. Did you know, Google stores all the data or history of use of Google Assistant?

In addition to collecting information about online searches, Google also collects the history of videos viewed or searched on YouTube. However, if you want, you can know about the various information in Google's collection. You can delete it if you want.

To know the information collected by Google, you must first open the Google app and log in to your account. Then select 'Manage your Google Account' on the profile and click on Data and Privacy to get the My Activity option.

Enter the My Activity option and click on Filter by Date and Product and select which service history of Google you want to know.

That is, you have to select the necessary options from various options including Google Assistant, YouTube, Google Lens, and Maps. After selecting the service, the usage history of the service can be seen only by setting the time.

By clicking on this link, filter by date and product options are available directly. By clicking on the option, the service usage history will be known.